Animal Patterns

Original primitive rug hooking patterns available on Natural Colored Hairless Linen. Patterns are hand drawn straight on the grain. Edges are serged to prevent fraying. A generous border surrounds each pattern, so it will fit nicely on your frame or hoop. New patterns will be added often. Please check back.

  • Strawberry Bunny Basket

    Strawberry Bunny Basket

    A bunny sits next to a basket filled with one very large strawberry. Strawberry flowers and leaves flow around the edges of the rug. The word "Welcome" appears under the bunny at the bottom of the rug. This rug makes a nice Welcome Rug for the Spring.

    $42.00 16" x 28" On Hairless Linen
  • Sammy the Squirrel

    Sammy the Squirrel

    An amusing squirrel standing on a pumpkin holding tightly onto his giant acorn. What a FUN pattern to hook! I added the stars to my hooking for a night-time effect.

    $35.10 24" x 17" On Hairless Linen
  • Horse Weathervane

    Horse Weathervane

    A running horse on top of a weather vane with an arrow. It has a folk art look. Primitive. Stars in the background. Try hooking the horse in an unusual color. Make it fun!

    $28.00 10" x 18 1/2" On Hairless Linen
  • Pig Weathervane

    Pig Weathervane

    A folksy pig on top of a weathervane that is piercing through an apple. What a great primitive piece! Weathervanes are a wonderful form of American folk art.

    $28.00 10" x 18.5" On Hairless Linen
  • Sheep Weathervane

    Sheep Weathervane

    A folksy sheep on top of a weather vane with an arrow and a star. Stars are in the background. This would make a nice series with my other animal weather vanes which are all the same size. Check out the horse and the sheep weather vanes as well.

    $28.00 10" x 18.5" On Hairless Linen
  • Pig Duet

    Pig Duet

    A pig twosome facing each other. Folksy flowers in the border.

    $32.00 10 3/4" x 27" On Hairless Linen
  • Baa


    A sheep looking straight at you. The word "baa" is on the bottom of the design. A few stars are in opposing corners with streamers attached.

    $31.00 18" x 14" On Hairless Linen
  • Moo


    A folksy cow's head in a circle format. I think the circle border would look great in a hit and miss design. A great place to use up your leftover cut strips from other projects!

    $29.00 15" Circle On Hairless Linen
  • Pig Tile

    Pig Tile

    A single pig on a small tile. Use your leftover cut wool strips to fill in the border. The edge on this mat has been crocheted.

    $21.00 11" x 11" On Hairless Linen
  • Heap of Sheep

    Heap of Sheep

    Five folksy sheep stacked one on top of another. A star and heart border surround the sheep.

    $32.00 23" x 13" On Hairless Linen
  • Snicker's Basket of Flowers

    Snicker's Basket of Flowers

    Rabbit carrying a basket with flowers- perhaps as a gift for his lady-friend rabbit

    $28.00 18" x 12" On Hairless Linen
  • Springtime Bunny

    Springtime Bunny

    A cute rabbit with a very large strawberry on his back and the stem in his mouth. This pattern can be hooked with the rabbit sitting on a decorated Easter egg with flowers on it or sitting on a hill of flowers.

    $31.00 17" x 17" On Hairless Linen
  • Sheep Welcome

    Sheep Welcome

    Resembling an antique Tavern Sign featuring a sheep's head. The words "Wool" and "Welcome" also appear on it. This pattern works up really nice. Makes a great Welcome sign.

    $33.00 22" x 12" On Hairless Linen
  • Squirrel Hollow

    Squirrel Hollow

    This squirrel is safely snuggled up inside this tree. He is enjoying eating a partial ear of corn he found Acorns and oak leaves adorn the borders.

    $24.00 16" x 9" On Hairless Linen
  • Raining Carrots

    Raining Carrots

    A rabbit's dream come true!

    $30.00 22" x 10" On Hairless Linen
  • Bunny Tile

    Bunny Tile

    A cute rabbit lying down in this tile pattern. Egg shaped design drawn in 3 corners.

    $14.00 7 3/4" x 7 3/4" On Hairless Linen
  • Autumn Days

    Autumn Days

    Acorns and oak leaves are what this squirrel found on this autumn day.

    $29.00 14" x 16" On Hairless Linen
  • Dog Walk

    Dog Walk

    Four dogs with a leash in their mouth wanting to go for a walk. Balls are in the center of the pattern and at two of the corners. A fun rug for the dog lover.

    $62.00 22" x 34" On Hairless Linen
  • Animal Train

    Animal Train

    A cute train of pull toys. An unusual assembly of animals being pulled by the smallest, a crow. A large elephant comes next in line, followed by a horse and a pig. A giraffe brings up the tail end of the train.

    $47.00 12" x 40" On Hairless Linen
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